Community Directors at QikTruck

We started this program to empower influential, vibrant and driven young Africans of any race by inviting them to join 19 others in the QikTruck Community Directors Team.

This program is by invitation and all participants are offered stock options on inception.


  1. Pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector
  1. Transport and logistics sector
  1. Finance and banking sector
  1. Mining sector
  1. Communications and information technology sector
  1. Finance and banking sector
  1. Agriculture and agro-processing sector
  1. Fashion and beauty sector
  1. Automobile sector
  1. Real estate sector

You can nominate a friend for us to review and invite them by sending us their social media links at

What are your benefits for joining this team?

  1. You join a team of world class passionate professionals managing the day to day operations.
  1. You get insights into how we are growing this business year by year.
  1. You get to travel and represent QikTruck at all paid events that we are participating in.
  1. As mentioned, you are offered stock options on inception.

What do we expect?

1. Excellent Organizational Skills

Having above-average organizational skills can really be one of the single most skills that helps you stay ahead of the game.

2. Creative Spirit

Let’s have fun while we can.

3. Ample Curiosity

A curious mind is precisely what you’ll need to stay ahead of the curve.

4. Analytical Mind

We will challenge you to be your best.

5. Business Savvy

Learn from the best in the industry

6. Flexible time

We work from home and we allow you to manage your time as long as you communicate your availability.

What will you do on a daily basis or your part time at QikTruck?

  1. You will engage with your current network and educate them about QikTruck.
  1. You will participate in community activities or events with QikTruck.
  1. You will travel with our team to conferences.
  1. You learn how to prepare industry reports for business.
  1. You will have the opportunity to join QikTruck as a full time member.