why most people will never be great at logistics

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Why Most People Will Never Be Great At Logistics

Logistics is one of the most challenging career paths to pursue because it requires an extreme amount of planning and foresight and requires a creative approach. Logistics involves a deep understanding of the transportation and supply chain systems, and requires a plethora of technical information, solutions and networking capabilities to coordinate and expedite processes. There are many reasons why most people will never be great at logistics, and below we will explore some of the most relevant ones.

Lack of Expertise & Knowledge

One of the primary reasons why most people will never be great at logistics is lack of knowledge and industry expertise. Logistics is deeply rooted in industry experience and understanding, as companies need individuals with expert insight into the nuances of the transportation and supply chain network. A deep understanding of the inner-workings of each region and how the transportation units connect can give a logistics professional an immense advantage in their field. Furthermore, in order to ensure efficient transportation and cost control, for example, one must possess a thorough understanding of freight management and load planning. Complex tasks like these require a unique approach, which can only be offered by an individual with experience and expertise in the industry.

Unfamiliarity With Automation

A large part of the logistics industry relies on technology and automation to help streamline the process. Automation consists of the use of software, advanced programming systems and digital networks that help logistics professionals optimize their processes. With the help of new technologies, companies are able to track their freight and find the best solutions quickly and efficiently. In order to make use of these technologies, however, logistics professionals must have a deep understanding of how to navigate the systems, how to write code, and how to create innovative solutions for their clients. This advanced knowledge is not something that most people possess, and as a result, they will never be truly great at logistics.

Limited Perspective

In order to form a successful logistics team, one must have an expansive view of the transportation industry. Logistics teams must possess the ability to think strategically and identify the best solutions for their business. They must know how to make the most out of limited resources, cultivate relationships with their clients, and understand the impact of their decisions on the operations of their business. This requires a detailed understanding of the transportation industry and knowledge of the inner workings of the supply chain. Without this knowledge and insight, it is nearly impossible to be great at logistics.

QikTruck & Logistics: New Technologies

In recent years, the transportation and logistics industry have seen the rise of new technologies that have completely transformed the way businesses operate. For example, QikTruck is a new platform that offers a variety of services to its users. The platform offers a suite of tools to help transportation and logistics teams optimize their processes. With the help of a real-time interactive map feature, QikTruck users can track their fleet of vehicles, as well as visualize key data points to help them form better decisions. Additionally, QikTruck offers real-time messaging, so teams can communicate with their drivers and customers in an efficient way. The platform also offers cloud-based scouting, which has revolutionized the transportation industry due to its advanced optimization capabilities. QikTruck offers its users a suite of services that help teams streamline their logistics processes. With the help of those services, logistics teams can process information quickly and create innovative solutions while eliminating redundancies and time wasted during manual processes. Using QikTruck, users can web-scout entire supply chains, share vital data points, and understand their transportation landscape quickly and accurately. Additionally, with its powerful AI-driven technology, QikTruck offers its users real-time recommendations on the best routes and solutions when shipping goods.


Logistics is an industry that requires a unique combination of knowledge, expertise and an expansive view of the transportation landscape. The rise of new technologies, such as QikTruck, has transformed the way businesses operate and given logistics teams the means to optimize their processes quickly and accurately. However, due to the complexities and nuances of the logistics field and the familiarity with automation and logistics planning required, it is very unlikely that most people will ever be great at logistics.


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