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Why Logistics Sucks and How to Make It Better

Logistics is an important part of any business, but running a successful logistic operation is no easy feat. Logistical activities involve sourcing, purchasing, inventory control, transportation, and delivery. From the procurement of crucial components to the delivery of finished products, the entire process is fraught with inefficiency, delays, and mistakes. If your business relies on efficient logistics, you’ve likely noticed how difficult and slow the process can be.

The problem with logistics isn’t just about mistakes or delays—it’s that the entire process takes too long. This can take days, weeks, or even months for the entire process to complete. And in many cases, the process could have been improved with the right technology. Poor logistics have a snowball effect on businesses, forcing them to miss deliveries, order late, waste time and money, and suffer from dissatisfied customers.

The Problems with Traditional Logistics

Traditional logistics processes have remained unchanged for decades. Each step in the process requires human execution, from the paperwork and phone calls to the physical movements of goods over long distances. The major problems with traditional logistics are usually related to accuracy, communication, and speed.

The Benefits of Automated Logistics

The key to success when it comes to efficient logistics lies in automation. Technology can help optimize the entire process and create a seamless experience for customers and businesses. Automated logistics make the entire process faster, more efficient, and more accurate thanks to its various features.

How Automation Improves Logistics

The key to improving logistics is automation. Automation simplifies the process, making it easier to track each step in the entire process and reducing the possibility of mistakes. Automation also helps reduce manual workloads, which increases efficiency and reduces costs. Additionally, automated logistics improve communication, which helps ensure orders are delivered on time, and helps businesses and customers stay informed. Automated tracking also allows businesses to recognize potential problems earlier, and take quick action before any delays occur.

How to Automate Logistics

Automating your logistics process starts with leveraging technology. There are various tools that can help streamline the entire process and make the transition from manual to automated logistics easier. These tools can help streamline the entire process and provide automated tracking, traceability, and communication.

At a minimum, businesses should consider investing in a logistics tracking system. A logistics tracking system will help track orders, identify problems, and keep customers up-to-date with their order status. Additionally, businesses should consider adopting a warehouse management system to manage their inventory and keep track of their shipments and deliveries.

Businesses should also consider investing in automated route mapping. Automated route mapping can help businesses select the optimal route for each delivery, saving time and reducing costs associated with fuel and personnel. Businesses can also invest in automated label creation to help streamline the shipping process and reduce errors associated with manual labeling.


Logistics is an important—and often daunting—part of any business. Traditional logistics are inefficient, slow, and prone to errors, resulting in costly mistakes, delays, and dissatisfied customers. Automation can help simplify the process, reduce manual workloads, and cut costs. To improve logistics, businesses should invest in technology such as a logistics tracking system, a warehouse management system, and automated route mapping and label creation. Automation makes the entire process faster, more efficient, and more accurate, helping businesses save time and money and improve customer satisfaction.


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