what zombies can teach you about logistics

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What Zombies Can Teach You About Logistics

Zombies might seem like a far-fetched thing of horror movies, but believe it or not, what you can learn from a zombie invasion about logistics can be applied to real-life business operations. Logistics management is the integral part of any business strategy, and what better way to understand the importance and details of proper logistics management than by looking to a fictional, zombified world.

It’s All About Planning Ahead

When it comes to surviving a zombie apocalypse, planning is paramount. Every successful plan requires understanding the environment, the needs of the stakeholders, and having a plan of action that can be implemented and executed. The same goes for any business operation where the success depends on proper logistics operations.

To ensure success, planners must strategize, budget, and create a model that accounts for any contingency that might emerge – just as would be done in a zombie survivors’ plan. The ability to anticipate needs, as well as allocate resources, before they’re needed, is essential to the success of any logistics operation. When it comes to a zombie apocalypse, failing to plan ahead could be deadly.

Develop a Network

The key to surviving a zombie apocalypse is networking. In this case, networking could mean forming alliances with other survivors and taking advantage of one another’s resources. It means being on the lookout for any potential help or knowledge that can assist in the goal. To do this in logistics, forming a reliable network is a must. That network includes suppliers, contractors, and other vendors that can assist in any logistics operations.

Your network should include trustworthy and dependable resources that will help you succeed in today’s competitive logistics arena. This could mean having reliable connections with warehouses, carriers, 3PLs, and any other vital services needed to facilitate the mission. Working with reliable partners makes it easier to complete orders and keep up with customer demand.

Take Calculated Risks

In a zombie apocalypse, taking risks can be a make or break situation. However, there are certain risks that can be taken that can lead to success. It’s about taking risks that are calculated and weigh out the pros and cons against the potential reward. Do the same for logistics operations. The goal is to identify low-risk, highly rewarding opportunities that can bring high potential benefit to the logistics operation.

Things like diversifying into new markets and implementing tech solutions that can automate processes such as freight optimization and route planning. These decisions may cause a bit of a stir in the shallow end of the proverbial pool, but the reward can be much greater given the proper assessment of the risks involved.

Utilize Automation

Zombies make life so much harder due to the fact that they’re relentless in their pursuit of human flesh. To alleviate the tediousness of constant vigilance, survivors have to find ways to automate the process. The same goes for logistics operations.

If your logistics operations require the constant input of data, it’s best to find automated solutions to do the heavy lifting for you. Tools like route planning and optimization solutions can be used to reduce the amount of manual work needed and speed up the process. Automation solutions also minimize errors.

Qiktruck and Logistics Automation

Technology is an important part of staying in front of the competition in the logistics industry and Qiktruck is the perfect partner. We provide solutions that allow our customers to streamline their logistics operations and reduce costs. Our solutions are built on robust and secure technology and cover a range of services to ensure our customers have the best experience and results.

Qiktruck power their users with freight optimization, route planning and optimization solutions, carrier management, real-time tracking and visibility, proof-of-delivery, reporting, analytics, and more. With Qiktruck, users can build a more efficient, powerful logistics operation with fewer manual processes and optimized solutions.

For example, in carrier management, Qiktruck allows users to set-up a virtual shipper- carrier marketplace for carriers to join and find loads and handle shipping quotes using self-service solutions. With this, partners can add new carriers and perform a variety of other functions, such


What zombies can teach us about logistics is invaluable. By learning how to plan ahead, develop a network of resources, take calculated risks, and even use automation, businesses can gain more efficiency and success in their operations. To learn more about logistics automation and how it can help improve your operations, feel free to visit our website at Qiktruck.com.


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