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Millennials and Logistics: What Today's Youth Think about the Future of Logistics

As millennials become independent, the way logistics is handled is becoming an increasingly important factor in the way they operate their lives. Companies are now more aware than ever that they need to take this new generation of workers into account when making decisions related to logistics. In order to get an idea of what millennial think about the future of logistics, QikTruck conducted a survey to discover the opinions of millennials on the topic.

What Millennials Think About Logistics Now

When asked about their current opinions of logistics, responses were overwhelmingly positive. 76% of respondents felt that logistics was an important factor in their lives, with many citing convenience as the primary benefit they received from it. Furthermore, 64% of those surveyed feel that technology has dramatically improved the way logistics are handled in today's world. The survey also revealed that millennials understand the importance of sustainability in logistics. 76% of respondents agreed that companies should be held accountable for their environmental impact when it comes to logistics, and 60% even said that sustainability is a major factor in their decision making when it comes to the products and services they choose.

What Millennials Think About Logistics In the Future

When asked about their expectations for the future of logistics, millennials continued to display optimism about the industry. 88% of respondents said that they expected the convenience of logistics to continue to improve in the coming years, and 72% also said that they expected advances in technology to lead to faster delivery times. Most respondents also felt that there was an opportunity to further improve sustainability practices when it comes to logistics. On the question of what companies could do to increase the sustainability of their logistics operations, 56% of respondents noted the importance of investing in renewable energy sources, and 43% felt that the use of more efficient vehicles was the key to reducing emissions.

How Millennials Expect Logistics to Change their Lives

When asked specifically how they expect logistics to change their lives, respondents were particularly enthusiastic about the impact it would have on their daily routines. 83% of those surveyed said that they expected faster and cheaper delivery services to make it easier to get the products and services they need. More than half of those asked also said that they expect more access to items from all over the world due to improved logistics, while 45% of respondents said they expected to have even more personalised delivery options in the future.


It is clear from our research that millennial have a largely positive view of logistics, viewing it as an important factor in their lives and one that can only get better in the future. They understand the value that logistics provides, but also feel that companies should be taking more steps to ensure their practices are sustainable. Overall, this survey provides us with valuable insight into how millennials view logistics and the impact they think it will have on their lives in the future. This can be a helpful guide for companies as they look to invest in innovations that will meet the expectations of this new generation of customers.

QikTruck’s Innovative Solution to Logistics Challenges

QikTruck is dedicated to improving the efficiency of logistics operations. Our advanced software-enabled platform provides an end-to-end solution to logistics dilemmas, providing visibility, data and control over the entire process. Our powerful engine utilizes the latest artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to match drivers with shipments and coordinate pick-ups across different locations. This ensures that shipments are always picked up and delivered on time and in the most efficient manner possible. We also provide a comprehensive suite of tracking and analytics tools that allow companies to gain insights into their operations and make informed decisions. This feature helps companies get the most out of their logistics team and maximize their ROI. At QikTruck, we understand the future of logistics, and are committed to helping companies stay ahead of the curve. With the growing number of millennials entering the workforce, our platform is designed to provide solutions that meet the expectations of today's younger generation of customers.


      #function that matches drivers with shipments
      def match_drivers():
        #create an empty array to store the matched driver
        matched_drivers = []
        #iterate through each available shipment
        for shipment in available_shipments:
          #calculate the estimated time to completion of the shipment
          estimated_time \= calculate_eta(shipment)
          #create a min variable to hold the driver with the minimum time
          min \= float('inf')
          #find the driver with the minimum estimated time
          for driver in available_drivers:
            #calculate driver's estimated time 
            driver_time \= calculate_eta(driver)
            #compare the estimated time with min
            if driver_time < min:
              min \= driver_time
              best_driver \= driver
          #append the best driver to the matched_drivers list
        return matched_drivers


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