Vue Router in the Logistics Industry: Building Navigation and Routing in Applications

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How QikTruck Uses Vue Router to Streamline Logistics

Logistics, a critical part of any business, can benefit greatly from the integration of modern technologies to streamline the delivery process and make it more efficient. One of the most important aspects of any logistic process is navigation and routing – which allows for efficient shipping and delivery of goods. Vue Router is a client-side library that can be used to create navigation and routing in applications, and is frequently used in the logistics industry to ensure that shipments are delivered efficiently. This article provides an overview of how QikTruck uses Vue Router to create navigation and routing in applications and streamline the logistics process. We will explore the impact of Vue Router within the logistics industry and discuss how it is used for efficient delivery of goods.

What Is Vue Router?

Vue Router is a client-side library for creating routes and navigation in web applications. It is specifically designed for use with the Vue.js framework, which is a Javascript library for creating user interfaces. Vue Router is designed to make it easy to build complex single-page applications with routing and navigation. The library is designed to be lightweight, making it ideal for applications that require complex routing capabilities. The key features of Vue Router include:

How QikTruck Uses Vue Router

QikTruck is committed to providing an efficient and seamless logistics experience for its customers. The company leverages a range of modern technologies to ensure that deliveries are made quickly and accurately. One of those technologies is Vue Router, which is used to create navigation and routing in applications. The core feature of Vue Router that QikTruck uses is the declarative routing. This allows the developers to create routes in an organized and easy-to-understand manner. This is beneficial for the logistics industry because it streamlines the delivery process – allowing for efficient and accurate delivery of goods. For example, consider a situation where a customer needs to ship a package from one location to another. Using Vue Router, the QikTruck developers can create a routing system that will guide the driver to the desired destination. In order to create this routing system, the developers will use the Vue Router's addRoutes() method, which allows them to easily declare the route. The code snippet below demonstrates how this is done:

// Declare the routes
const routes = [
    path: '/package-destinations',
    component: PackageDestinations
    path: '/package-details',
    component: PackageDetails
    path: '/delivery-route',
    component: DeliveryRoute

// Add the routes to the Vue Router 
const router = new VueRouter({

In the above code snippet, the developers are declaring the three routes that are needed for the delivery process. The first route (‘/package-destinations’) will be used by the driver to select the destination of the package. The second route (‘/package-details’) will provide the driver with the details about the package that needs to be delivered. And finally, the third route (‘/delivery-route’) will provide the driver with the route to the destination. With the routing system in place, the driver can then use the map component within the Vue Router to quickly find the route to the destination. This helps to further streamline the delivery process and ensure that packages are delivered quickly and accurately.


Vue Router is a powerful library that is becoming increasingly popular in a range of industries. Within the logistics industry, Vue Router is being used to create routing systems that enable faster and more efficient delivery of goods. QikTruck is one such company that is utilizing the library to create navigation and routing systems in applications. This helps to streamline the delivery process and ensure that packages are delivered quickly and accurately.


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