Vue 3 Composition API in the Logistics Industry: Simplifying Logic and Managing State

Tue Dec 20 2022 09:05:06 GMT+0200 (South Africa Standard Time) - QikTruck Media

The Composition API of Vue 3 and its Impact on the Logistics Industry

The Vue 3 Composition API is a major improvement in the way developers handle state and logic in reactive programming. It allows developers to easily break down their components into simpler, isolated pieces, making them easier to handle with less code. When used in the logistics industry, the Composition API reduces complexity and increases reliability, giving logistics companies a better way to manage their fleets.

What Is the Composition API?

The Composition API is a new feature of Vue.js that provides developers the ability to separate their components into isolated, reusable parts. This makes the code for a single component much easier to understand and manage. For example, rather than having all the code for a component in a single file, the code for each part of a component can be stored in its own file or set of files.

The Composition API also allows developers to decompose their components further, breaking them down into smaller, “as-needed” pieces. When a specific piece of code is needed for a certain situation, the Composition API allows the developer to grab only that part of the code, thus avoiding the potential for excessive verbosity. In addition, the Composition API provides a layer of abstraction, making components highly reusable and more reliable.

Why Is the Composition API Important for the Logistics Industry?

The logistics industry is all about managing assets, and that requires precise, reliable data. The Composition API helps increase reliability by providing a layer of abstraction in the way components are built and handled. This makes it easier for developers to track changes, debug problems, and make updates. It can also reduce the amount of code required to implement a feature, giving developers more time to focus on other tasks.

The Composition API also provides small, isolated pieces of code that can be reused in different components. This makes it easier for developers to create custom logic as needed, as well as to create/integrate/maintain large modular software systems. This saves time and resources, and helps make the logistics industry more efficient.

In addition, the Composition API simplifies logic and handles state more reliably within components. This means that the time needed to manage assets can be reduced, allowing for more time for other tasks. By using code that is simpler and more reliable, the logistics industry can better focus on its core tasks.

How Is the Composition API Used in the Logistics Industry?

The Composition API is being used in many different ways within the logistics industry. It is being used to handle data, manage assets, and to create custom logic. It can also be used to simplify complex components and to reorganize existing code with more reliable, organized structures.

For example, the Composition API can be used to create custom logic to track changes in asset status. By breaking down each asset-tracking component into isolated portions, a developer can define logic that handles each portion individually. This makes it easier to debug problems and create custom logic without needing to rewrite entire parts of the code. Pseudo-code for this type of asset-tracking could look like this:

// Get updates for each trucks current status
const updateAssetsStatus = () => {
  const getAssetUpdates = (assetId) => {
    // Get asset-specific updates from API
  // Iterate over all assets, getting updates
  const assetsIds.forEach((assetId) => {
    const assetUpdates = getAssetUpdates(assetId);
    // Update asset status


The Composition API of Vue 3 is an important tool for the logistics industry that simplifies complex logic and handles state more reliably. It reduces the amount of code required and allows for better asset tracking and management. Ultimately, the Vue Composition API helps to make the logistics industry more efficient and reliable, allowing them to focus on their core business.


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