The Use of Elixir in Logistics: Improving Performance and Scalability

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Logistics is an incredibly important part of day-to-day life and business operations. Logistics companies must manage large and complex supply chains and delivery networks, often with limited resources and tight deadlines. To meet these challenges, many logistics companies are now turning to Elixir, an open source, functional programming language, to improve their performance and scalability.

Elixir offers significant advantages over traditional coding practices in the logistics industry, allowing companies to increase throughput, improve latency, and reduce costs. In this article, we will explore the use of Elixir in logistics, discussing its potential benefits and applications, and outlining some of the challenges associated with its adoption.

What is Elixir?

Elixir is a cutting-edge programming language built on top of the Erlang Virtual Machine (EVM). Designed for distributed and fault tolerant systems, Elixir provides an easy-to-use syntax and powerful features such as pattern matching, macros, and immutable (read only) data types. These features make Elixir especially suitable for handling large data sets and enabling applications to handle unpredictable and concurrent requests.

Benefits of Elixir in Logistics

The use of Elixir in logistics yields numerous benefits, including improved performance and scalability. By upscaling a logistic solution on Elixir, logistics companies can often significantly reduce latency and resolve customer queries quicker. Moreover, Elixir is highly efficient when it comes to data-intensive operations, such as forecasting and fleet management, enabling companies to manage large data sets with ease. Another key benefit of using Elixir is its fault-tolerance; in the event of an error, Elixir applications can quickly resume from precisely where they left off, ensuring continuity of service even in the face of faults or sudden changes.

Finally, Elixir includes several specialized libraries and frameworks, such as Phoenix and Plug, which can help to streamline the development process and make it easier to rapidly create and deploy applications.

Applications & Challenges of Elixir in Logistics

Given its scalability and fault-tolerance, Elixir has the potential to dramatically improve the performance of logistics applications. For example, companies can use Elixir to create optimized delivery routes, streamline warehouse management processes, and quickly analyze customer feedback. Furthermore, Elixir can improve the operational efficiency of business operations, by enabling companies to quickly retrieve and process data from various sources.

Despite its benefits, the adoption of Elixir in logistics is not without its challenges. For one, it is still a relatively new technology, and therefore may require additional resources and expertise to use effectively. Another issue is the availability of developers with experience in working with Elixir — although this is becoming less of an issue as the language grows in popularity.

Finally, companies adopting Elixir in their operations may need to invest in additional hardware and tools, such as databases and distributed systems, in order to run their applications. Fortunately, Elixir “natively” supports many of these technologies, allowing companies to leverage existing infrastructure and minimize costs.


Elixir offers many advantages for logistics companies, including increased performance and scalability, improved fault-tolerance, and an easy-to-learn syntax. With its ability to rapidly process and manage large data sets, Elixir can significantly improve the efficiency of operations and enable logistics companies to quickly meet customer demands. Although there are a few challenges associated with adopting Elixir, the potential benefits outweigh the costs, making it an attractive option for many businesses.

To learn more about how Elixir can be used in logistics, or to find out how QikTruck® can help your business get the most out of Elixir, contact us today.


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