The Top Challenges Facing the Logistics Industry and How to Overcome Them

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The Top Challenges Facing the Logistics Industry and How QikTruck is Overcoming Them

As technology advances, the logistics industry faces a host of new challenges. From sustainability and security to rising fuel costs and customer delivery expectations, the pressure to succeed and remain competitive has never been greater. At QikTruck, we’re dedicated to addressing these issues head-on and finding innovative solutions that make it easier for businesses to get their goods delivered on-time and on-budget. Here we explore the top challenges facing the logistics industry, and how we are overcoming them.

1. Increasing Cost of Fuel

Fluctuating fuel costs continue to be a major challenge for logistics companies. To reduce the impact of these costs, QikTruck uses an innovative tracking system that allows us to identify the most fuel-efficient routes for each delivery. This ensures that your goods are delivered as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

We also source our fuel from low-cost suppliers, helping us to keep our operational costs as low as possible. In addition, QikTruck’s fleet of advanced vehicles are designed to be as fuel-efficient as possible, meaning you can benefit from lower fuel costs with every delivery.

2. Sustainable Practices

As awareness of sustainability and environmental responsibility grows, so too does the pressure on logistics companies to adopt sustainable practices. At QikTruck, we take our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint seriously. Our fleet of vehicles are outfitted with the latest emission-reducing technology, helping us to remain environmentally conscious without compromising on our high standards of service.

We also look to maximize efficiency throughout the entire delivery process. A key part of this is our tracking system, which constantly monitors the progress of each delivery and enables more efficient route planning for our drivers. This helps us to minimize fuel usage, thereby reducing our overall carbon footprint.

3. Security and Risk Management

The logistics industry faces an ever-increasing threat from criminals. QikTruck takes a zero-tolerance approach to security, and has implemented a comprehensive system of checks and balances to ensure the safety of all customer's goods. Our state-of-the-art tracking system ensures that we can instantly detect and respond to any potential security issues, while our rigorous driver vetting process ensures that only experienced, qualified personnel are allowed to drive our vehicles.

We also use sophisticated risk management systems to identify potential risks before they become a problem. This helps us to identify areas of risk within our operations, and provides us with the opportunity to take swift corrective action to minimize and eliminate any potential dangers.

4. Customer Delivery Expectations

The recent growth of the ecommerce industry has created a surge in customer delivery expectations. As customers become accustomed to “same day” and “next day” delivery, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to meet these demands while remaining cost-effective. At QikTruck, we use an advanced tracking system to ensure that customers are kept up-to-date with their delivery status. This helps us to provide customers with an unparalleled level of delivery service, while helping us to remain cost-effective and competitive.


The logistics industry continues to face a number of challenging issues, but QikTruck is committed to helping businesses overcome them. From innovative fuel-efficient vehicles to our state-of-the-art tracking system, QikTruck is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reduce costs and improve delivery times. We are dedicated to helping businesses succeed in what is an increasingly competitive industry.


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