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The Quickest and Easiest Way to Simplify Logistics with QikTruck

Logistics is an ever-present challenge for companies large and small, but thanks to advances in technology, finding an effective and efficient solution has never been easier. QikTruck has developed a pioneering platform that simplifies logistics operations, bringing together clients and carriers in a streamlined and cost-effective manner. In this article, we explain how QikTruck offers a reliable, efficient and secure way to manage the entire logistics process. From freight to delivery, our platform enables businesses to assign carriers and manage their shipments with absolute ease.

The Benefits of QikTruck for Logistics Operations

QikTruck offers a comprehensive platform for simplifying logistics operations. The key advantages for businesses include:

The Quickest & Easiest Way to Simplify Logistics with QikTruck

QikTruck has a user-friendly platform to streamline the entire logistics process. This includes the following steps:

  1. The client enters initial shipment details into the platform, specifying the pickup and delivery locations. QikTruck has integrated geolocations to streamline data entry.
  2. The client requests quotes from its preferred carriers. The platform enables direct carrier contact in real time, making it easier to establish a dialogue.
  3. The client reviews the returned quotes and makes a selection. This can be done online as the entire process is tracked by the software.
  4. QikTruck automatically generates the necessary paperwork, including contracts and invoices.
  5. Once the necessary documents are signed, the shipment is released for delivery.
  6. QikTruck tracks the carrier’s journey in real time. Geographical positions and delivery times can be logged across the entire route.
  7. The client is notified once the shipment is delivered in full.

A Comprehensive Platform for Efficient Logistics Management

QikTruck offers an intuitive, comprehensive platform for managing the entire logistics process. The software simplifies the process from beginning to end, enabling clients to connect with their preferred carriers, receive and compare quotes, release shipments, and monitor performance in real time.

The platform is packed with thoughtful features, including a range of different forms, automated communications, and reporting tools. For example, QikTruck offers detailed reports which enable businesses to check at a glance who their preferred carriers are, how much they are paying, and how their performance compares across the industry.

A Unique Platform for Logistics Professionals

QikTruck’s platform is designed to meet the demands of logistics professionals. Businesses can rest assured that the software is completely secure and up to date, with regular system upgrades and maintenance.

QikTruck also offers intensive customer support that includes regular user health checks, remote support and in-person visits for larger organizations. The company’s staff are adept at providing guidance and training for clients who need additional support.


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