the future of logistics: how cloud technology is transforming the industry

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How Cloud Technology is Transforming Logistics with QikTruck

In an industry as vastly complex and constantly changing as logistics, cloud technology offers more efficient and reliable solutions for processes such as order fulfilment, inventory tracking, and freight planning.

The future of logistics lies in cloud technology, and with its implementation, the industry is seeing more streamlined operations and increased safety for personnel, cargo, and both commercial and consumer data.

Impact on Order Fulfilment

Cloud technology is transforming order fulfilment, the process by which goods are obtained, packaged, and delivered to customers. Companies no longer have to worry about data silos, or the time it takes to communicate with customers, suppliers and partners. In addition, cloud technology can provide real-time tracking and updates of shipments.

Cloud-based solutions such as QikTruck enable businesses to connect their back-end systems such as sales, inventory, accounts, and shipping in real-time. This provides businesses with greater visibility into orders and reduces the time it takes to fulfil them. It also makes order fulfilment easier, allowing businesses to focus on the customer experience.

Impact on Inventory Tracking

Cloud technology is also making it easier to track inventory, from the location of assets to their condition and potential issues. By connecting multiple systems in both the physical and digital realms, cloud technology provides unprecedented visibility into the status of inventory.

QikTruck's cloud-based platform enables businesses to keep their inventory up-to-date and accurately maintained. This in turn reduces the cost of waste, damage, lost goods, and other inventory-related issues. For businesses, it is an efficient, cost-effective way to improve operational efficiency, reduce time-to-market, and increase customer satisfaction.

Impact on Freight Planning

One of the greatest benefits of cloud technology is its ability to make freight planning easier and more efficient. With cloud-based systems, businesses are able to track and analyse data on a greater scale than ever before. This data can be used to develop better freight plans, determine shipment weights and sizes, and even identify and map out best transportation routes.

QikTruck's cloud-based platform allows businesses to access a single system to generate, analyse, and track freight plans from anywhere. This eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets and complex systems, and allows businesses to focus on maintaining and improving their freight plans.


Cloud technology is revolutionizing the logistics industry. From order fulfilment to inventory tracking and freight planning, the implementation of cloud technology is helping businesses become more efficient and profitable. QikTruck's cloud-based system provides businesses with the tools and resources needed to improve their operations and remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry.


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