the benefits of cloud-based software for international logistics

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QikTruck: The Benefits Of Cloud-Based Software For International Logistics

International logistics is an extremely complex and expensive endeavor, with many variables to juggle, and a multitude of opportunities for costs to spiral out of control. Companies need to endlessly manage their inventory, schedule truck routes, locate warehouses and vendors, handle paperwork and legal issues, or coordinate cross-border freight. Fortunately, cloud-based software offers a comprehensive solution to many of these issues, providing a single platform to streamline, automate, and monitor this process. With its ability to optimize data flow and provide powerful analytics, cloud-based logistics software provides great benefits to international logistics efficiency. Let’s take a look at the major advantages of using cloud-based software for international logistics.

Real-Time Visibility

International freight is subject to an immense amount of volatility, from sudden changes in government regulations to the last-minute scheduling of shipments. Cloud-based software allows for all stakeholders to keep track of the current state of a shipment, with real-time visibility into its progress. By using a single piece of software, companies can keep a tab on inventory, warehousing, and shipping, with total ease. This also helps companies tackle issues like skipped orders and product rerouting, keeping them up to date on their shipments and giving them the flexibility to respond to any issues at a moment’s notice. With real-time visibility, companies can optimize their scheduling and improve the reliability of their supply chain, thus improving customer service.

More Effective Customer Service

Customer service is key in the world of international logistics, and cloud-based software facilitates superior customer service. The software keeps track of every single shipment, allowing companies to monitor and track their orders in real-time, as well as quickly address any customer inquiries. For instance, QikTruck’s cloud-based platform allows companies to customize their service to their customers, allowing them to set up customized communication options, along with information about estimated time of delivery, which continuously updates. All this data can be presented to the customer through a simple dashboard.

Accurate Shipping Estimates

Cloud-based software also helps companies provide accurate shipping estimates, based on an analysis of their historical data. By collecting detailed data on past shipments, companies can anticipate the amount of time and money they will need to schedule a shipment – and then apply that data to future shipments. Data from previous shipping trips can be used to quickly compute the estimated time of arrival of a shipment, which is especially helpful for companies whose customers expect them to keep up with their time estimates. This ensures that customers get their orders on time, and helps build trust in the company, as well as brand loyalty.

Improved Data Security

Security is another major issue when it comes to international logistics. Cloud-based software provides a secure, centralized database where companies can store in-depth, sensitive data, with advanced encryption and authentication standards. Companies can even employ additional protective measures, like two-factor authentication or a ‘per user’ access system, to ensure ultimate data security. The cloud also provides improved disaster recovery and emergency backup capabilities. If a company’s physical servers were to crash, the cloud will ensure that their data is safe and backed up, with the option to rapidly restore it.


Using cloud-based software for international logistics offers companies numerous benefits, like improved security, real-time visibility, reliable customer service, and accurate shipping estimates. As such, many companies are incorporating cloud-based software into their international logistics operations, to make the process easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective.


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