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Rules Not to Follow About Logistics

Being an effective logistics professional means understanding and following a range of rules, regulations, and best practices. But it's equally important to recognize which rules not to follow in order to be successful and ensure the smooth flow of supplies and services. This article will outline some of the most common rules not to follow when it comes to logistics.

1. Don’t Ignore Regulations or Guidelines

Before embarking on any type of logistics project, it's important to arm yourself with knowledge of the applicable regulations and other guidelines – such as tariff or labeling requirements, or certification and standards in the logistics and transportation industries. Ignoring these regulations and guidelines can cause significant delays and can result in fines or other penalties. Make sure to thoroughly investigate which regulations apply before setting forth on a logistics project, and seek advice from an attorney or industry consult if needed.

2. Don’t Sacrifice Accuracy for Time

It's tempting to use speed as a factor when organizing a logistics project. However, accuracy should always take precedence – making errors in documentation or shipments can be a costly mistake. For example, if a parcel carrier identifies an error in the shipment, it could result in Customs delays and more work to fix the mistake. At the same time, focus on monitoring the performance of the carrier (or other logistics supplier) and the accuracy of the data entered to ensure that the project is progressing efficiently and accurately.

3. Don’t Employ an Unsecured Logistics System

Data security is of the utmost importance in any logistics project. Make sure that any logistics partners you are working with are using an enterprise-grade secure logistics system to facilitate the process. It’s equally important to ensure that your internal systems are secure – two-factor authentication and encryption are essential.

4. Don't Overlook Cost Savings

In many cases, implementing a comprehensive logistics system is an easy way to cut costs in the long term. Utilizing existing systems, such as transportation management systems (TMS) and warehouse management systems (WMS), to provide data on carrier performance and warehousing costs can help identify opportunities for cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

5. Don’t Forget Compliance

In the logistics industry, compliance with safety standards, including hazardous material handling, is an absolute must. Organizations need to be aware of applicable rules and regulations, which can vary in different jurisdictions. Understanding requirements related to driver qualifications, liability insurance, and labor laws is essential when it comes to compliance.

6. Don’t Overlook Automation

Logistics professionals should utilize technology to streamline operations and automate processes wherever possible. Automation takes the error-prone and time-consuming manual processes out of the equation, improving efficiency and cost savings. Technologies such as QikTruck software facilitate the coordination and organization of logistics tasks, from inventory tracking to scheduling, and can provide detailed data analytics for smarter decision-making.

7. Don’t Let Your Data Go Unused

Data-driven decisions are the lifeblood of successful logistics management. Make sure to take advantage of the wealth of data available. Utilize information from warehouse operations, supply chain analytics, and market trends to inform your decision-making process. Automation can also provide valuable data to help optimize processes.


As a logistics professional, it's essential to be aware of which rules not to follow. By avoiding the mistakes outlined in this article, you should be well on your way to creating an effective and successful logistics structure. Utilizing industry-standard technology, such as transportation management and warehouse management systems, can provide valuable insights into your data and insights to ensure your success.


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