qiktruck's robust safety program for trained and assessed drivers

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QikTruck Powers Logistics Safety With Its Robust Safety Program for Trained and Assessed Drivers

At QikTruck, we’re committed to providing the best possible logistics safety program for all of our drivers. Our rigorous program ensures that every driver is properly trained and assessed to meet the highest standards of safety. We steadfastly believe that every company should prioritize safety and that this should be a critical aspect when choosing transportation services.

Why Safety is Paramount: Safety should always be at the top of the list for logistics companies. Transportation businesses are responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of goods for their customers and any breach of safety can have serious consequences. In addition to the risk of injury or fatality, poor safety standards can lead to costly operational issues such as vehicle downtime, cargo damage, and lost shipments. All of these can be incredibly damaging to your credibility as a business, as well as your bottom line.

QikTruck's Comprehensive Safety Program to Minimize Risk: QikTruck's comprehensive safety program is designed to ensure that all of our drivers abide by the highest safety standards. The program consists of extensive training and assessment before any of our drivers are allowed on the road. As part of this program, each driver is thoroughly evaluated on their driving knowledge, capabilities, and experience. All drivers must pass a criminal background check as well.

Once this process is completed, all drivers must complete a minimum of 30-hours of driver training. This training includes hands-on instruction from our experienced logistics advisors as well as tutorials and simulations. All drivers are required to participate in regular safety reviews and briefings in order to remain up to date on any changes or regulations.

On-Going Safety Evaluation and Monitoring: To ensure that all of our drivers remain compliant with our safety standards, we also have an on-going safety review and evaluation system. At any given time, our drivers and vehicles are subject to various types of evaluation. This is done both in-person and with special technology, such as GPS tracking devices, to ensure that all drivers are adhering to our safety guidelines. Additionally, we perform periodic inspections and maintenance checks on all of our vehicles to ensure they remain in peak condition at all times.

At QikTruck, we believe that safety should always be a priority. Our robust safety program ensures that all of our drivers are properly trained and assessed to meet the highest standards of safety. We are also continuously implementing new and innovative technologies to further ensure the safety and efficiency of our services. As our customers, you can rest assured that safety is always top of mind for us.


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