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QikTruck’s Guide to the Best Logistics iPhone Apps

Managing logistical resources can be complicated. Even experienced professionals in the business frequently find it difficult to keep their operations streamlined and on-track. In order to minimise the complexity of this process, reliable iPhone apps have recently been developed to help logistics professionals make the most of their resources. QikTruck provides a thorough overview of the best logistics iPhone apps out there, perfect for route planning and optimisation.


gShift is a powerful tool that helps logistics managers analyse their operations in real time. It’s perfect for tracking shipments, adding extra details such as notes and photos, and optimising routes. It also provides automated alerts when delays occur to help professionals get their operation back on track.

In addition, gShift offers real-time statistics about the performance of the different routes. This makes it very easy to determine what is going right or wrong with a particular shipment in order to rectify the situation swiftly. As a result, gShift users can save time and money while also reducing risk.


TruckFleet is a comprehensive logistics app that automates many of the tasks associated with managing a fleet. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems and software, making it easy for logistics managers to keep track of their fleet in one consolidated platform. It’s also capable of collecting information about different routes in order to facilitate further route analysis.

TruckFleet is packed with features and tools that can help streamline the entire logistics process. It helps track and manage driver information, orders, fuel consumption, and even integrates with an integrated GPS tracking feature. As a result, it’s an indispensable tool for managing a logistics operation.


RouteVision is a very simple and intuitive logistics app that professionals can use to quickly create and optimise routes. It features an interface that makes it easy to plan routes, enabling users to define stops, select specific delivery or pickup trucks, and set specific delivery or pickup times. It also comes with a range of filters that help users narrow down their route options in order to save time. This app is perfect for those who need a basic logistics solution, but have limited technical knowledge.

RouteVision also integrates with other solutions, such as advanced routing and navigation, to provide seamless solutions for more complex logistical needs.


Cargimap is one of the most comprehensive logistics solutions out there. It provides logistics professionals with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, making it simple to plan and execute the most efficient routes.

This app includes a range of features that make it easy to manage routes, optimize delivery times, and interact with customers. It integrates seamlessly with backend systems, allowing data to be instantly synchronized. This ensures that all information is accurate, reducing the risk of errors and making it easier to monitor operations.

Furthermore, Cargimap offers detailed reporting and analysis, enabling users to manage their fleet and easily respond to unexpected situations. This helps to streamline and optimize the entire logistics process.


Routinify is an integrated logistics app that makes it easy for logistics professionals to manage and optimise their operations. It offers a simple user interface that helps to quickly plan routes, view real-time analytics, and find the most efficient routes for each shipment.

This app provides users with advanced reporting capabilities, enabling them to track and analyze their fleet operations. It also allows users to manage their fleet on the go, making it easy to respond to last minute changes or unexpected delays. As a result, Routinify makes it simpler to execute the most efficient routes while reducing operational risks.

Routinify also includes an integrated GPS navigation system, helping users to easily find their way to the right destination.


The right logistics app can make a huge difference in streamlining and optimizing the entire logistics process. By providing up-to-date and accurate information, these apps make it easy to respond to unexpected delays, analyze operations, and plan efficient routes. QikTruck recommends having these logistics iPhone apps as part of your arsenal and makes sure to use the pseudo and formatted code formats when adding new shipments or drivers to the fleet.


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