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Little Known Ways to Rid Yourself of Logistics Using QikTruck

Logistics can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes. The high cost of transportation, as well as additional fees for storage and warehousing, can burden even the most profitable of businesses. For those hoping to rid themselves of logistics, but not sure what the best way is, look no further than QikTruck.

QikTruck is the industry leading logistics provider that can help get rid of the headache of logistics. QikTruck’s system of tracking, routing, and scheduling can make it easier than ever to manage logistics and get back to focusing on your core business.

How to Use QikTruck to Rid Yourself of Logistics?

Ridding yourself of logistics can be daunting—unless you use QikTruck. QikTruck’s system allows businesses to set their own delivery routes and schedule, freeing up the need for extensive logistics providers. The software helps with route optimization, eliminating any wasted time and resources.

QikTruck’s cloud-based application allows users to easily search for available truckers and compare rates, pick-up, and delivery times. The system takes into account the best route available, making sure your business gets the most out of its logistics. The easy-to-use interface also sends notifications ahead of time, ensuring drivers have all the information they need to make deliveries on time.

Once the driver has picked up the load, QikTruck provides real-time tracking of the delivery. This ensures that your business is always aware of your delivery’s location and can plan around any unforeseen delays. With this, users are able to monitor their deliveries without having to worry about any delivery management calls.

In addition to route optimization, QikTruck also helps businesses with cost optimization. QikTruck’s system has been built to negotiate competitive rates with its partner carriers. This allows businesses to get the best rates possible while keeping their shipping costs low.

How to Automate Your Logistics with QikTruck

If you’re looking for an even easier way to rid yourself of logistics, QikTruck’s automated routing software is the way to go. With the automated routing software, businesses can set up a series of rules prior to dispatching a delivery. This allows for easier logistics planning and delivery management.

The automated routing software takes into account prior delivery history, current inventory levels, delivery routes, and more. This allows businesses to optimize their delivery routes and reduce the amount of manual work associated with managing logistics. The software allows for automated dispatching, which eliminates the need for manual monitoring of trucks and drivers.

QikTruck’s automated routing software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Companies can easily set up rules, set preferences, and create custom delivery routes with just a few clicks. This ensures that businesses don't waste hours of their time attempting to manage their logistics manually.


Businesses of all sizes can benefit from reducing their logistics costs and improving their delivery management. With QikTruck, rid yourself of logistics and take back control with automated routing software and route optimization. With these tools, businesses of all sizes can have a better understanding of their delivery routes and ensure that their customers are always receiving their deliveries on time.


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