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5 Little-Known Ways QikTruck Is Shaping Logistics

When it comes to logistics and hauling, QikTruck is changing the game with its top-of-the-line technology. By integrating multiple systems into one, QikTruck has created a comprehensive and comprehensive platform that streamlines the logistics process. Here are five ways that QikTruck is reshaping the logistics industry.

1. Predictive Analytics

QikTruck utilizes predictive analytics to ensure their customers’ needs are met. Through predictive analytics, the QikTruck platform can analyze large volumes of data in order to accurately forecast customer patterns and needs. This helps the system to adjust and plan for changing scenarios, giving customers peace of mind that their orders will arrive on-time and in-full.

2. Automated Load Matching

QikTruck automates the process of load matching by integrating Customer Order Management (COM), Load Matching (LM), and Transportation Management System (TMS). This helps streamline the matching process, reducing errors and maximizing efficiency. COM helps handle the customers’ orders and ensures they can be easily tracked. LM works to match loads and provides visibility on-hand inventory. Lastly, TMS automates the process of dispatching vehicles, helping eliminate manual errors.

3. Smart Contracting

QikTruck streamlines the contract management process with smart contracts. These contracts intelligently manage the terms and conditions of each contract, helping reduce paperwork and manual input. QikTruck’s smart contracts integrate with the other components of the system, giving customers the information they need in real-time.

4. Performance Reports

QikTruck offers performance reports for customers, helping measure the performance of their drivers and shipments. Detailed reports include drivers’ productivity, fuel consumption, idle time, and more. This analysis helps customers get a better understanding of their drivers’ performance, giving them insights into how to improve the logistics process.

5. APIs and Integrations

QikTruck offers robust APIs and integrations that help customers quickly and easily integrate QikTruck into their existing systems. Through webhooks, customers can easily have their applications “listen” to updates from the QikTruck Platform. This allows customers to create their own applications that can respond to changes in the system, such as an order being received or traffic delays.


QikTruck is transforming the logistics industry with its innovative and comprehensive platform. By using advanced technology, QikTruck is reshaping the way logistics are handled with predictive analytics, automated load matching, smart contracts, performance reports, and APIs and integrations. With QikTruck, customers can rest assured that their hauling needs will be taken care of efficiently and accurately.


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