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How Can Automation Help Reduce Logistics Time?

Logistics is one of the major workforce activities in any company. It takes lots of time and money to manage the planning and operational aspects of the goods’ transportation. When a business has massive integration needs, the situation gets more complicated. As a result, many organizations are now looking for ways to automate their logistics activities to reduce the amount of time and energy devoted to managing them. In this article, we will discuss how automation can help in reducing logistics time, and how QikTruck can help in achieving that.

What Is Automation?

Automation involves the use of certain computerized systems to manage certain activities that help a business to run efficiently. Such activities include data analysis, machine learning, process optimization and other similar tasks. Many businesses prefer to use software systems or programs that are automated to do these tasks instead of hiring people to do the same and spending more time than they have to. This is why automation is becoming increasingly popular in the current times. Automation has the potential to reduce many of the laborious tasks and processes involved in logistics. This would, in turn, help businesses to simplify the process of logistics and save them time on the same. In order to understand the full scope of automation applications for logistics, let us look at the various levels at which automation can help reduce the time taken to manage logistics.

Levels Of Automation In Logistics

1. Automation of Inventory Management: Automation of inventory management processes involves leveraging computerized systems to track and monitor inventory levels and stock availability. This helps save time by eliminating manual entry of data and increases the accuracy of information. 2. Automation Of Route Planning and Execution: Automation of route planning and execution involves leveraging computerized systems to plan and execute routes for delivery of goods. This eliminates the need for manual planning and eliminates the associated errors. 3. Automation Of Delivery Management: Automation of delivery management involves leveraging computerized systems to schedule and manage deliveries. This simplifies the process of logistics and eliminates the need for manual tracking and tracing of orders. 4. Automation Of Billing and Payment: Automation of billing and payment involves leveraging computerized systems to manage the billing and payment of goods and services. This helps save time by automating routine activities and eliminating the need for manual intervention.

How QikTruck Can Help

QikTruck is a cloud-based software as a service that simplifies logistics operations. It helps businesses automate their processes with its advanced AI-driven technology. QikTruck uses a completely automated process, right from route planning, route execution, delivery management, billing and payments to inventory management. This eliminates the need for manual interventions which would take up a lot of time. The automated process also helps companies to track the status of delivery and optimize their inventories, while keeping track of the entire timeline.

Advantages Of Automation

Automation of logistics processes offers numerous advantages that include: 1. Improved Efficiency: Automation helps to improve efficiency by eliminating the manual entry of data and manual tracking and tracing of orders. This helps to save time and energy which can be devoted to more productive activities. 2. Improved Accuracy: Automation helps to improve accuracy by eliminating manual entry of data and manual tracking and tracing of orders. This eliminates errors due to miscommunication or manual errors. 3. Improved Customer Service: Automation helps improve customer service by eliminating the manual process and the need for manual interventions. The automated process helps customers to track their orders and get real-time updates.


Automation is certainly a great way to reduce the time needed to manage logistics and to make them more efficient and accurate. QikTruck offers a great way to automate logistics activities and to save time in the process. It offers superior technology and advanced AI capabilities to help businesses improve operational efficiency and customer service. By improving operational efficiencies and customer service through automation, businesses can reduce the amount of time taken to manage logistics efficiently.


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