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Qiktruck: A Comprehensive List of The Best Logistics Android/iPhone Apps

These days, logistics and transportation are some of the most demanding industries in the world, with an increasing number of organizations and businesses needing to coordinate their processes efficiently in order to satisfy customer needs. Technology has enabled these businesses to streamline the entire process and make it far more efficient. From task assignment to tracking deliveries, you can use a variety of logistics apps to manage, monitor and optimize your workflows. Generally speaking, most of these apps are tailored for Android and iPhone users– however, some are compatible with a variety of other devices. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best logistics Android/iPhone apps on the market, ranging from delivery management systems to transportation tracking tools.

Qiktruck Delivery Management System (iOS & Android)

Qiktruck Delivery Management System is one of the most popular delivery management systems available for logistics operations. It provides an interface that helps users assign and manage deliveries, track vehicle movement, share data with customers and stakeholders, and monitor performance. This app uses GPS technology to track vehicle movement, allowing organizations to keep an eye on their deliveries and make sure they are delivered on time.

TTS Logistics Platforms (iOS & Android)

TTS Logistics Platforms is another popular logistics app for entrepreneurs looking for an efficient way of managing their business. It incorporates logistics, transport, and freight management into one comprehensive package. This app provides full visibility on deliveries and shipments, allowing users to get real-time data on location, order status, and delivery times. It also sends alerts to drivers, customers, and stakeholders when tasks are completed.

E-Courier Manager (Android)

E-Courier Manager is specifically designed for couriers and delivery drivers, helping them manage and track their deliveries. It features comprehensive order tracking, route optimization, and payroll management. This app can also be used to generate invoices, assign tasks, and monitor overall performance. It also utilizes GPS technology for real-time tracking, so you can rest assured that your goods are delivered on time.

Wise delivery (iOS & Android)

Wise Delivery is a comprehensive logistics management platform that helps businesses stay ahead of their competition. This comprehensive platform simplifies coordination between customers, suppliers, drivers and staff. It also features an intuitive route optimization engine which integrates with GPS and traffic monitoring software. The app also produces digital signature receipts and virtual tracking information with real-time progress bars.

The Delivery Manager (iOS & Android)

The Delivery Manager app is designed to improve the efficiency of deliveries by giving users access to a variety of useful features. This app comes with features such as dynamic route optimization, digital signature capture, and traffic flow optimization. This app is also helpful in terms of insurance and liability, as it allows users to monitor and protect against unauthorized deliveries and unauthorized driver practices.

Logistics Plus (iOS & Android)

Logistics Plus is a powerful logistics app for both Android and iPhone users that helps improve delivery times and increase customer satisfaction. This app allows users to track orders, monitor driver performance, and generate reports on a regular basis. It also comes with an intuitive dashboard that provides a visual overview of your activities. Finally, it comes with an integrated customer support system for troubleshooting.

Go-Go Delivery (iOS & Android)

Go-Go Delivery is a logistics platform designed to serve small and medium-sized businesses. This app helps users manage and track their deliveries, as well as optimize delivery routes and driver performance. The app also features a consolidated billing system, allowing users to track, manage and pay their bills in one place. Finally, this app comes with an intuitive dashboard that provides a comprehensive overview of the delivery process.

GPS Auto-Tracking ( iOS & Android)

GPS Auto-Tracking is an app specifically designed to help with vehicle tracking and fleet management. This app uses GPS technology to monitor and track the movements of vehicles, allowing organizations to quickly respond to any problems that could affect their performance. Furthermore, it is also possible to receive detailed reports and notifications regarding any problems or discrepancies in the system.

Delivery Radar (iOS & Android)

Delivery Radar is an innovative movement tracking app that helps organizations manage deliveries more efficiently. It uses real-time tracking to ensure that all deliveries are made on time. Additionally, it can also be used to analyze customer data, track movements, and generate reports for better decision-making. The app also offers user-friendly analytics that allow users to take actions to optimize their logistics operations.


These are just a few of the best logistics Android/iPhone apps on the market– and with the exponential growth of technology and the internet of things, there’s no doubt that even more powerful apps will be developed in the future. For any logistics or transportation business, staying on top of their operations is essential to remain competitive in today’s market. With these apps, it is now easier than ever to coordinate and optimize their logistics processes– enabling them to run faster, more efficient operations, and satisfying their clients in the process.


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