Azure Monitor in the Logistics Industry: Monitoring and Auditing API Activity

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How Does QikTruck Ensure Logistics Monitoring and Auditing API Activity?

The logistics industry is an ever-evolving industry with its own unique challenges. Thanks to advancements in technology, many of those challenges can now be addressed with greater ease. In particular, logistics companies must ensure that their API activities are monitored and audited efficiently. An effective solution for this is Azure Monitor. In this article, let’s find out in more detail about how Azure Monitor can help logistics companies ensure API activity monitoring and auditing.

What Is Azure Monitor?

Azure Monitor is Microsoft Azure’s software as a service-based monitoring solution. It’s an efficient way to gain insights into the health, performance and availability of Azure resources, applications and services. It typically requires minimal efforts and helps get visibility into the overall reliability and performance of the applications we relied on. In addition, Azure Monitor provides powerful tools for root-cause analysis, allowing IT teams to develop strategies to identify, analyze and fix any problems quickly and effectively.

How Can Azure Monitor Help in Logistics Monitoring and Auditing API Activity?

When it comes to logistics, Azure Monitor enables us to access automation, logging and analysis of services, apps, and data. Here’s how it can help with logistics monitoring and auditing API activity:

The above points illustrate the importance of Azure Monitor for logistics monitoring and auditing API activity. It’s an excellent way to ensure the highest standards of reliability and performance for all the services and applications associated with a business.

How QikTruck Is Leveraging Azure Monitor For Logistics Monitoring and Auditing API Activity

At QikTruck, we leverage the benefits of Azure Monitor to ensure efficient monitoring and auditing of API activity for our logistics industry customers. We have implemented various custom solutions to ensure the highest levels of efficiency in running our services and applications. For instance, we have developed a custom function that can be triggered by an event to send real-time alerts and notifications to our customers. This helps them detect issues quickly and address them efficiently. Here's a sample of what our function looks like:

def monitor_alerts(request):
    # Generate an alert for the user
    alert = Alert(user=request.user,
                  message="Alert: Negative Change detected in API performance")
    # Send out alert
    # Log alert

We have also incorporated root-cause analysis into our custom function to ensure that any issues are identified and addressed quickly. Further, our function also includes measures for security monitoring and auditing. This way, our customers always have reliable and up-to-date insights into their API activity.

At QikTruck, we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Azure Monitor to ensure the best performance for our clients’ business. We understand the need for reliable and efficient services and applications, and our team


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