AWS Lambda@Edge in Logistics: Executing Functions in Response to CloudFront Events

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Using AWS Lambda@Edge to Deliver Responsive Logistics Through CloudFront Events

The logistics industry is transforming to become more responsive to consumer needs, and staying up to date on the latest technology is essential. AWS Lambda@Edge is one of the most powerful tools available to keep your logistics operations running efficiently and meeting customer requirements. This cloud computing feature allows you to execute functions in response to CloudFront events, allowing fast and synchronized responses to customer orders and requests. At QikTruck, we leverage the latest cloud computing technologies to deliver fast and reliable logistics services. In this article, we'll discuss how AWS Lambda@Edge offers reusable code for responding to customer orders quickly and effectively.

How AWS Lambda@Edge Works

AWS Lambda@Edge is a service that allows you to write code that runs in response to events that are tied to CloudFront, Amazon’s content delivery network. This allows you to create a dynamic response system that can respond quickly and accurately to customer requests. The code is triggered by the CloudFront triggers that correspond to the specific action that you are trying to achieve.

Using Lambda@Edge for Logistics

In the logistics world, the ability to respond to customer requests quickly and accurately is paramount. With AWS Lambda@Edge, you can write code that is triggered by specific CloudFront events, allowing you to create automated, responsive processes. This reactive code can be used to execute quickly when customers order items, making sure that they get their order quickly after it is placed.

Implementing AWS Lambda@Edge for Logistics Operations

Implementing AWS Lambda@Edge for logistics operations is fairly straightforward. You can create the code that runs in response to the specific CloudFront events, and upload it to the CloudFront service. From there, the code will be triggered whenever the specified cloudfront event occurs, allowing you to quickly and efficiently respond to customer requests. This is especially useful for operations in which a quick response time is paramount, such as same-day delivery.

Example of Logistics CloudFront Trigger and Lambda@Edge Code

Let’s look at an example of how you can use AWS Lambda@Edge for logistics operations. Let’s say you have implemented CloudFront as a trigger, and when a customer orders an item, the trigger is fired and the code is executed. The following code sample is an example of the code that you would use to process the customer order.
// Parse the request from CloudFront
let queryParams = request.queryStringParameters;

// Get customer data from the queryParams
let customerData = {
    address: queryParams.address

// Process customer order
callback(null, {
  statusCode: 200,
  body: JSON.stringify(processOrder(customerData))
This code would be executed whenever the specified CloudFront trigger is fired, allowing you to process the order quickly and accurately.

Benefits of Using AWS Lambda@Edge for Logistics

Using AWS Lambda@Edge for logistics operations has several key benefits. Firstly, it allows you to execute code in response to CloudFront events quickly and accurately. This is especially helpful for same-day deliveries, as it ensures that orders are processed and executed quickly. Moreover, Lambda@Edge provides reusable code. If you have multiple customer orders occurring simultaneously or in quick succession, you can reuse the code to process the orders quickly and accurately. This means that you don't have to write code for each customer order, saving you time and money. Finally, AWS Lambda@Edge is cost effective. You only pay for the compute time per request or invocation, making it a budget-friendly solution for logistics.


AWS Lambda@Edge is a powerful tool for quickly and accurately responding to customer orders in the logistics industry. Leveraging this feature allows you to quickly process customer orders, providing fast and efficient service. At QikTruck, we understand the importance of utilizing the best tools and technologies to ensure that our customer's orders are processed quickly and accurately. If you're looking to improve the responsiveness of your logistics operations, then AWS Lambda@Edge is the way to go.


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