AWS AppSync in Logistics: Building and Consuming GraphQL APIs

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QikTruck and AWS AppSync: Building and Consuming GraphQL APIs for Logistics and Delivery

AWS AppSync is an efficient, powerful GraphQL service designed for connecting applications with data in the cloud. The service helps organizations and individuals develop and deploy highly secure, responsive cloud-based applications that comply with corporate or governmental regulations while also providing excellent customer experiences. AppSync enables developers to connect applications directly to their databases, offering a secure environment for storing, accessing, and manipulating their data. AppSync is ideal for logistics operations, in particular, allowing delivery companies to build and consume GraphQL APIs for tracking, analytics and more. In this article, we’ll walk through how QikTruck uses AWS AppSync to provide a fast, reliable, and secure service for managing and tracking deliveries.

What Is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a query language designed for the efficient retrieval and updating of data from backend databases. Unlike the traditional REST API, GraphQL provides a unified interface for retrieving and manipulating any source of data, and it allows for the use of more complex queries than the REST API's basic request-response model. GraphQL queries can provide a more consistent and standardized approach to data retrieval, allowing applications to quickly and reliably get the exact data they need.

What Is AWS AppSync?

AWS AppSync is an enterprise-grade GraphQL service, allowing developers to quickly create APIs to access and manage their data. AppSync's comprehensive set of features, like authentication and authorization, synchronization, and real-time data support, make it a natural choice for enterprise applications. AppSync also provides a sophisticated GraphQL IDE, allowing developers to easily create, test, and debug GraphQL queries and requests.

What Are the Benefits of Using AWS AppSync for Logistics?

AWS AppSync offers several advantages for logistics operations, including efficient tracking and analytics for deliveries. The service's GraphQL API endpoints are designed for complex queries, allowing developers to quickly build dynamic customer-facing dashboards that display real-time insights for customer service and management. With AppSync, companies like QikTruck can quickly and securely build APIs that enable customers to quickly and securely view the status of their deliveries.

How Does QikTruck Use AWS AppSync?

QikTruck leverages the power of AWS AppSync to provide a secure, reliable, and efficient web service for tracking shipments. QikTruck customers can easily view up-to-date tracking and analytics data for their deliveries via the web or mobile applications, allowing them to have the peace of mind knowing the status of their shipments.

How to Build and Consume a GraphQL API with AWS AppSync

To build and consume a GraphQL API with AWS AppSync, developers must first create the GraphQL schema that describes the data structure they want to access. This schema can be written in schema definition language (SDL), which is a language that describes the objects, queries, and mutations needed to access and manipulate the data. Once the schema has been defined, developers must register their GraphQL API in the AppSync console. This will set up the endpoint and connect the newly created GraphQL schema to the underlying data source. Finally, developers can create the GraphQL queries and mutations to manipulate the data, as well as any authorization rules or security protocols that they want to apply to the system.

How Does GraphQL Make Delivery and Logistics Easier?

Using GraphQL APIs to manage delivery fleets enables organizations to quickly and securely access and manipulate large amounts of data. For example, GraphQL can provide a more efficient way of querying data for analytics and reporting. Additionally, GraphQL APIs can be used to generate customized customer experiences, such as tracking notifications, merged order information, and more. At QikTruck, we leverage GraphQL's powerful features to provide customers with real-time tracking insights and data analysis for their deliveries. This enables customers to have a better understanding of the current status of their orders and helps them make better-informed decisions.


AWS AppSync provides a secure and efficient way to build and consume GraphQL APIs, allowing organizations to quickly create dynamic customer experiences and securely access and manipulate data. At QikTruck, we use AppSync to quickly build powerful GraphQL APIs that enable us to offer our customers a seamless and reliable delivery experience.


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