Angular Pipes in Logistics: Transforming and Formatting Data

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How Angular Pipes are Transforming and Formatting Data in Logistics with QikTruck

Logistics—or the efficient and reliable organization of the movement of goods and materials—is essential for any successful business. Without dependable production pipelines, brands face disruption and delay in providing necessary services to their customers. This is why it is important for organizations to leverage the best technology to ensure effective service. At QikTruck, we recognize the importance of technological innovations, such as Angular Pipes, in the field of logistics. Angular Pipes are an essential technology that allow businesses to optimally manage and format data collected in their production pipelines. By automating critical tasks, organizations can confidently manage their data and ensure efficient service. In this article, we’ll explain how Angular Pipes are transforming data in logistics and why they’re essential for efficient and transparent service.

What are Angular Pipes?

Angular Pipes are a type of development technology developed for web applications. Essentially, Angular Pipes allow developers to quickly and efficiently manipulate data from the application. Pipes can be used to transform, sort, filter, and format data as necessary. This means that businesses can quickly extract the precise information needed for any tasks or scenarios. As an example, Angular Pipes can be used to sort through a huge database of customer orders, identify duplicated orders, group orders by bundle, and create precise invoices. The precise, organized, and formatted data that Angular Pipes produce is essential to maintain efficient production pipelines. As part of the Google-developed Angular framework, Angular Pipes are versatile and easy to implement in any development environment. Developers can quickly implement Angular Pipes in existing systems and web applications. This means that businesses can quickly begin leveraging the power of Angular Pipes within their services.

How Angular Pipes Transforms Logistics Data:

Angular Pipes are transforming data in logistics and production pipelines in number of ways. By translating user input into more efficient forms, Pipes make it easier for organizations to quickly process orders and manage the necessary documentation. Here are a few of the key ways that Angular Pipes can transform data in logistics.

Transform User Inputs

Angular Pipes can be used to quickly and efficiently convert user inputs into more organized pieces of data. This can be used to automatically convert addresses, phone numbers, or UPC codes into reliable data points that can be used for order fulfillment.
//Phone Number regex for pipes
export class PhoneNumberPipe implements PipeTransform { 
   transform(value: any): any { 
      let newValue: string; 
      newValue = value.replace(/\D/g, ''). 
      return newValue[1] + '-' + newValue[2] + '-' + newValue[3]; 

By using this code, developers can write pipe functions to easily convert phone numbers into their formatted components.


Angular Pipes can also be used for sorting and filtering data in production pipelines. By sorting data in real-time, businesses can quickly locate the information they need. For example, Angular Pipes can be used to group items by order or to isolate all of the items sent to a certain address, as seen in the example below.
//Sorting with Pipe 
import { Pipe, PipeTransform } from '@angular/core'; 
   name: 'sortOrder' 

export class SortingPipe implements PipeTransform { 
   transform(array: any, args?: any): any { 
		return array.sort((a: any, b: any) => { 
			if (a['order-number'] > b['order-number']) { 
				return 1; 
			} else if (a['order-number'] < b['order-number']) { 
				return -1; 
			} else { 
				return 0; 



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