Angular Lazy Loading in Logistics: Optimizing Code Splitting and Data Loading

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Lazy Loading in Logistics: Optimizing Code Splitting and Data Loading With QikTruck

Code splitting and data loading are two essential elements of developing advanced web applications. QikTruck's advanced logistics platform relies on a fast and efficient underlying technology to deliver the best user experience, utilizing the latest tools in web development. To achieve this, QikTruck has adopted the Angular framework and its impressive capabilities, including lazy loading, to maximize optimization and speed.

What is Lazy Loading?

Lazy loading, also known as “on-demand loading”, is a technique used in modern web development to load and parse only the code that is necessary for a given page or view. This allows an application to optimize resources and minimize the data bloat generated by loading entire app libraries that are generally not used. This improves the speed of the application and the user experience.

Benefits of Lazy Loading

The main benefit of lazy loading is a more efficient use of resources and faster loading of the application. When developing complex applications, managing files and resources can bottleneck the overall performance. Tools like lazy loading help to optimize the use of available resources and reduce the amount of loading time required. Furthermore, this enables applications to load faster and deliver a better user experience.

Lazy Loading in Logistics

At QikTruck, our advanced logistics platform requires efficient and optimized code splitting and data loading. Logistics-based applications typically have complicated architecture and numerous features so it is important to have an efficient method of loading code and data that allows users to access the necessary information as quickly as possible.

Lazy loading is perfect for optimizing the performance of logistics applications, allowing users to quickly and easily access the information they need. It can be used forcode splitting, meaning users only download the code for the relevant view or page. Logistical applications tend to involve multiple pages and use functions that may not be used on every page. Lazy loading optimizes the loading of code, meaning users can access the information they need without having to download unnecessary code.

In addition, lazy loading can be used for data loading. As applications become more complex and involve large amounts of data, loading this data can require a lot of resources. To maximize speed and efficiency, lazy loading can be used to load only the data that is necessary for each view. This ensures that users have access to the data they need in a timely manner, while also significantly reducing the amount of resources used.

Implementing Lazy Loading

To use lazy loading, developers must design their applications with this in mind. There are several methods for implementing lazy loading within a web app, including traditional static loading and dynamic page-load loading. Static loading is a simpler approach, allowing code to be split into separate files and then loaded onto a page as needed. Dynamic page-load loading is a more complex approach, allowing code to be split into multiple chunks and loaded on-demand. This has the potential to reduce the application loading time significantly, as code can be loaded in smaller sections and only the necessary components.

At QikTruck, we work with experienced professionals experienced in Angular development, to ensure that our applications are optimized to provide the most efficient code splitting and data loading possible. Through the use of lazy loading, we can ensure that our applications run as efficiently as possible and deliver the best user experience.


By leveraging Angular’s convenient lazy loading tool, QikTruck is able to capitalize on industry-leading performance and optimization. Lazy loading is a powerful tool in web development and provides an efficient and effective method of code splitting and data loading. By utilizing lazy loading, users are able to access the information they need in a fraction of the time, perfectly suited to logistics applications like QikTruck.


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