Angular Apollo Client in Logistics: Consuming GraphQL APIs and Managing Data

Tue Dec 20 2022 08:38:34 GMT+0200 (South Africa Standard Time) - QikTruck Media

Today, tech-savvy logistics companies are turning to Angular Apollo Client to power their operations. Angular Apollo Client enables organizations to consume GraphQL APIs and manage data, expediting the movement of goods and services while reducing delivery times. In this article, we'll discuss how QikTruck leverages Angular Apollo Client to optimize logistics operations and what advantages this technology offers the logistics industry.

Optimizing Logistics with Angular Apollo Client

At QikTruck, we use Angular Apollo Client to power our logistics operations. Angular Apollo Client is a GraphQL client for the popular Angular web framework. With Angular Apollo Client, we can consume data from GraphQL APIs and use the returned data to manage a variety of different operations in our logistics pipelines. Angular Apollo Client allows us to reduce complexity by leveraging a single unified data interface, as opposed to juggling multiple disparate systems of data.

The Benefits of Leveraging Angular Apollo Client for Logistics

There are numerous benefits that come with using Angular Apollo Client to leverage data in the logistics industry. The primary benefit is the ability to quickly and conveniently access data. Angular Apollo Client enables us to obtain real-time updates on our shipments and manage our supplies with ease. Rather than having to manually query databases or scour emails, with Angular Apollo Client, we can have all of the data we need right at our fingertips.

In addition, Angular Apollo Client eliminates the need for lengthy data migrations. With Angular Apollo Client, we can quickly and easily switch between different data sources—such as relational databases, NoSQL databases, as well as other third-party APIs—without needing to migrate any of our data. This saves us considerable time and energy and helps us to optimize our logistics operations.

How QikTruck Leverages Angular Apollo Client for Delivery Optimization

At QikTruck, we use Angular Apollo Client to optimize our delivery times. We leverage the power of GraphQL queries to access real-time data about shipments and use that data to make informed decisions. We use this data to dynamically adjust delivery times and route shipments as needed.

We also leverage Angular Apollo Client to manage our inventory. We use the GraphQL APIs to query our inventory databases in order to verify that we have enough stock available to meet demand. This helps us to avoid over-stocking or running out of supplies, which can significantly interrupt the flow of our deliveries.

Our Pseudo Code: Optimizing Shipping Routes With Angular Apollo Client

Here is an example of pseudo code that we use at QikTruck to optimize shipping routes by leveraging real-time data from GraphQL APIs:

// Get shipment data

	.then(res => {
		const data = res.json();

		// Use shipment data to optimize route
		const optimizedRoute = optimizeRoute(data);

		// Update shipment data
		fetch('', {
			method: 'POST',
			body: JSON.stringify(optimizedRoute)


By leveraging the power of Angular Apollo Client and GraphQL APIs, QikTruck is able to optimize our logistics operations. We can quickly and easily access the data we need to make informed decisions, allowing us to adjust routes and optimize delivery times. With Angular Apollo Client, we can reduce complexity and improve the efficiency of our operations.


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