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Angular Animations in Logistics: Adding Visual Effects and Enhancements to Applications by Qiktruck

Angular animations are becoming increasingly popular in logistics applications, thanks to their ability to add visual effects and enhancements. At Qiktruck, we understand that businesses have to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to process automation and user experience. To achieve this, it’s important to use the best technologies available. With Angular animations, there are a number of opportunities for logisticians to create innovative and engaging user experiences in logistics applications.

What Are Angular Animations?

Angular animations are a collection of software libraries that use HTML5 and CSS3 to animate user interfaces. This means that developers can create visually appealing animations, such as sliding menus, pages that transition between stages, and interactive effects that respond to touches and gestures. By taking advantage of these animation techniques, logisticians can make their applications more interactive and engaging.

How Can Angular Animations Improve Logistics Applications?

The main advantage of using Angular animations in logistics applications is the ability to create an engaging user experience. Animations can draw the user’s attention to specific features and help them understand the process and data better. With well-designed animations, the user can visualize progress through different stages in the logistics process, or transitions between different pages. For example, an animation could be used to highlight the process of loading a truck with the items being dictated by the customer’s order. Animations also have the potential to add a human touch to the application, as they can imitate real-life movements, such as swiping and scrolling.

Animations can also increase the efficiency of the logistics workflow. For example, an animation could be used to show a step-by-step guide for completing a shipment order, providing a visual aid to the user rather than a long and difficult to read instruction list. Animations can also help guide the user through complex actions, such as selecting the correct items for a shipment, by providing an intuitive visual indication of what items are selected.

Integrating Angular Animations Into Applications

Integrating Angular animations into a logistics application is relatively straightforward, thanks to the high-level libraries provided by the angular library. To create an animation in angular, the code needs to specify the type of animation, the duration, the delay (if any), and the parameters of the animation. Here’s a simple example of a fade-in animation in angular:

/* Fade in animation */
  animation: [
    trigger('fadeIn', [
      state('in', style({
        opacity: '1'
      transition('void => *', [
          opacity: '0'

This code tells angular to fade in the element over the duration of 100 milliseconds. The code then needs to be connected to the HTML element that needs to be animated. This can be done by adding the animation to the HTML code, like so:

<div [@fadeIn]>Fading Content</div>

Once the animation is connected to the HTML, it will automatically trigger when the user interacts with the element. For example, if the element is hidden until the user clicks on it, then the animation will automatically play when the user clicks the element.


Angular animations offer an exciting opportunity for logisticians to create engaging and dynamic user experiences. By integrating animations into their applications, logisticians can help guide their users through the process and simplify complex tasks, which are essential in the logistics industry. At Qiktruck, we strive to use the best technologies to create seamless experiences and help our customers succeed. Contact us today to see how we can help with your logistics application.


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