7 rules about logistics meant to be broken

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7 Rules of Logistics QikTruck is Breaking

Modern logistics can be a complicated and demanding world. Complex rules, regulations, and procedures can often slow down even the most efficient company’s effectiveness. While testing rigid rules and regulations can be beneficial in some situations, often these rules don't align with the ever-changing market challenges. To stay competitive and innovative, businesses need to be able to adjust their procedures. In the world of logistics, QikTruck is pushing the boundaries by breaking the rules.

Rule #1: Technology is Difficult and Expensive to Use

Technology can be expensive and difficult to integrate in a company’s workflow. Logistics providers often shy away from using technology because they are unfamiliar with the process or believe it is too expensive. QikTruck, however, is using technology to simplify their workflow processes. By leveraging the capabilities of cloud-based logistics software, QikTruck is able to quickly and efficiently manage complex logistics models and analyze data to gain insights and control of their operations. The software provides a user-friendly dashboard and dashboard analytics, so users can quickly understand the data, act on it, and improve their business.

Rule #2: Oversized Loads Require Different Drivers

Oversized loads can often require different drivers for different vehicles due to regulation and safety. The process can be time consuming and expensive. QikTruck, however, has developed a platform that eliminates many of the issues associated with oversized loads. Using QikTruck’s platform, customers can quickly and easily create and customize routes to their exact needs. The platform can differentiate between drivers, load sizes and vehicles to ensure the right driver and vehicle are used for each shipment.

Rule #3: Accuracy of Delivery Times is Unpredictable

In logistics, accuracy of delivery times is often unpredictable due to unforeseen circumstances. Whenever customers order products online, they rely on logistical services to deliver their packages on time. QikTruck is helping to eliminate the uncertainty by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics. These technologies allow companies to anticipate customer needs, plan trips more efficiently, and adjust routing in real time based on changing traffic conditions.

Rule #4: It’s Difficult to Track and Monitor Logistical Processes

The logistical process can be difficult to track and monitor, especially when it comes to large shipments. QikTruck has implemented a system that enables customers to easily track their shipments, in addition to providing real-time updates and analytics. Customers can track their shipments from the moment they are ordered until they are received by customers. The system can also alert customers if a shipment is running late or needs to be rerouted.

Rule #5: Logistical Costs are Unpredictable

Logistical costs are often unpredictable, leaving companies in the dark when it comes to budgeting. QikTruck’s cloud-based system provides companies with powerful analytics and reporting tools that can help them better manage their costs and optimize their routes. The tools allow companies to calculate fuel costs, optimize routes, as well as track and manage expenses in real-time.

Rule #6: Cargo Can Easily Delay

Cargo can be easily delayed due to a variety of reasons, including natural disasters, traffic jams, and mechanical issues. To help customers better manage their supply chains, QikTruck has employed a risk-management system that can detect potential risks and alert the companies in advance. The system can recognize patterns and identify potential disruptions, giving customers the time they need to adjust their operations accordingly.

Rule #7: Logistics Can Take a Long Time

Logistics often takes a long time, especially when it comes to large shipments. QikTruck is now able to reduce delivery times using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. By using AI and self-learning algorithms, QikTruck can respond automatically and quickly to changing market conditions, leading to increased efficiency and reduced delivery times.


Logistics is a rapidly changing and competitive industry, so companies must stay ahead of the competition by challenging accepted rules and regulations. By leveraging technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, QikTruck is at the forefront of logistics innovation. Whether routing large shipments or dealing with unforeseen disruptions, QikTruck is breaking the rules and setting a new gold standard for the industry.


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