10 ways to reinvent your logistics

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10 Ways to Reinvent Logistics with QikTruck

Changing customer demands, the emergence of new technologies, and the challenges posed by an ever-evolving industry is prompting a rethink of traditional logistics strategies. It’s time to rethink logistics and make the most of the opportunities that exist. QikTruck is here to help you reinvent your logistics.

Here are 10 ways to make sure you stay ahead of the competition and revolutionize your logistics:

1. Optimize Fleet Utilization

Bring efficiency to your logistics operations by optimizing fleet utilization. Use technology to track your fleet's performance, identify bottlenecks, and enable better utilization of available resources. Analyze the usage data to create the optimal fleet operation plan, so you can make the most of your owned, borrowed, and hired resources.

2. Harness Technology to Enhance Efficiency

The ever-evolving technology landscape is now helping to empower logistics operations. Use advanced data crunching, automation and machine learning to streamline logistics processes, increase efficiency and accuracy of order fulfillment, lower costs, and deliver better experiences. Augment your operations with the help of advanced technologies like robotic process automation, intelligent document processing, and artificial intelligence-powered analytics.

3. Streamline the Order Fulfillment Process

The order fulfillment process is an integral part of a logistics company’s operations. Streamline it to make sure that nothing gets held up in the process. Use smart tools to create end-to-end processes for accurate order picking, routing, tracking, and delivery. QikTruck’s Delivery Manager platform helps to optimize each step in order fulfillment for efficient, timely and accurate deliveries.

4. Make Warehouse Management Intelligent

Successful logistics businesses are powered by the effective use of warehouse space and resources. Use data-driven intelligence to take the guesswork out of the warehouse management process. Automate the storage, retrieval, reordering and maintenance of materials and products in warehouses. Harness the insights generated to identify areas of inefficiency and create strategies to improve warehouse operations.

5. Leverage the Power of Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

Use predictive analytics and forecasting to identify upcoming problems and plan countermeasures. Use data to anticipate demand, predict customer and supplier orders, and analyze the impact of local and global events on the supply chain. Analyze data trends to uncover new opportunities and minimize risks.

6. Transform Delivery Planning with Machine Learning

Maximize delivery crews’ utilization by using machine learning in the route planning process. Automatically optimize routes by taking into account factors such as drivers’ availability, weather, traffic, and the location of potential customers. Leverage algorithms such as nearest-neighbor, genetic, and simulated annealing to generate the most optimized routes and schedules.

7. Adapt to the Growing Popularity of On-Demand Logistics

The rise of on-demand services has changed the face of the logistics industry. With customers expecting deliveries within 24 hours, or even MINUTES (!), you need to be ready to meet their needs. Use technology to provide real-time visibility into the supply chain. Create a scalable and flexible network that can adapt quickly to changing customer needs and create a winning customer experience.

8. Make Tracking of Assets and Inventory Easy

The growth of the logistics industry is leading to more complex supply chains, with too many moving parts. Use technology to keep track of the movement of products, shipments and assets. Use tracking and tracing technology that has been specifically designed for the purpose. Automatically identify the exact location of any item and act accordingly.

9. Take the Guesswork out of Freight Pricing

Freight pricing is an ever-changing puzzle. Correlating numerous variables such as location and demand with value-added services to set the right price is a difficult task. Use advanced machine learning and analytics capabilities to calculate accurate and competitive prices. Automatically generate and apply pricing-based rules to make the process more streamlined.

10. Automate Logistics Documentation

One of the most time-consuming operations in logistics is dealing with paperwork. Automate document-based logistics operations to save time and avoid delays. Use intelligent document processing solutions to streamline the document creation process, reduce manual labour and enable faster reaction to market changes.

To reap the benefits of the opportunities available, it’s time to rethink logistics and make the most of the technologies and solutions available to you. Leverage the solutions offered by QikTruck to revolutionize logistics operations. Start your journey to reinventing your logistics by talking to us today!


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